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To sinhronise our bodies with celestial bodies; our minds with the minds of the universe. Flower Moon Practice is an awakening. You are the flower. 


My Approach to Yoga

The word yoga means to yoke, to join. First, to join the different parts of self, and later the self with others, Earth, and the Universe.

Exploring the subtle energies around us, Flower Moon Yoga aims to harmonize the energies of celestial bodies with our bodies so that we can nourish creativity and happiness.

I am a tantric, trauma-informed yoga teacher, meaning I understand the world and everything in it from the standpoint of non-duality. There is no right and wrong, good and bad, masculine and feminine. There are no judgments and separations, just observations.


You are you, and you are beautiful as you are. A step away from blossoming. 

Hatha Yoga


My weekly vinyasa classes are in-person in Košnica, downtown Belgrade. This season on Thursdays at 9 AM Central European Time and Tuesday evenings at 7.30 PM.

Contact me for more info or to sign up.

Half Full Moon


Once a month, when the full Moon is rising, I blend astrology and yin yoga to help you detox your mind from anxiety and unwelcomed thoughts. 

This is a two-hour event that follows the Lunar calendar. Sign up for the newsletter to receive invitations. 

Yoga Class


I have limited availability for one-on-one private classes, in-person or online.

Also, I am available for special group or corporate classes and workshops. 

Contact me for further information.

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