To sinhronise our bodies with celestial bodies; our minds with the minds of the universe. Flower Moon Practice is an awakening. You are the flower. 


What is Flower Moon Yoga?

The word yoga means to yoke, to join. First, to join the different parts of self, and later the self with others, Earth, and the Universe.

Exploring the subtle energies around us, Flower Moon Yoga aims to harmonize the energies of celestial bodies with our bodies so that we can nourish creativity and happiness.

Yoga Child's Pose

Weekly Vinyasa Classes

My weekly vinyasa classes are currently held in person in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Mondays and Thursdays at 9.15 in the morning at Košnica.

Info and reservations at alex@flowermoonpractice.com or through IG @flowermoonpractice.


Private Sessions

At the moment, I am only offering Yin Yoga private sessions over the Zoom platform. 

Info and reservations at alex@flowermoonpractice.com

Full Moon Yin.png

My favorite time of the month is when the Moon is rounding and I get the opportunity to take you onto the magical Full Moon Yin Journey

What is Full Moon Yin?

Online and in-person at Košnica.

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