New Moon in Scorpio: Shaking the Underground Waters

Updated: Nov 8

Scorpio is the one constellation about which we know the least and talk the most. We believe that they shield danger behind their magnetic charm, piercing gaze, and dramatical approach to life. We fear they are mystical, transgressive, perverted. We raised them to the level of myth. But, the simplest answer lies behind all our doubts: Scorpio rules our fears and our deepest desires, so it's logical to fear them. Looking in the eyes of a Scorpion means facing our own fears.

Scorpio's energy and wisdom guide us through transformations and transformative life events, including birth and death (Scorpio rules the act of giving birth and the transition to a different state of being). The rise after the fall. The rise from the ashes. Scorpio is Fenix. Fenix is Scorpio.

In the body, Scorpio rules reproductive organs, sex, lust, desire, and jealousy. Scorpio's energy center is Swadishtana, the second chakra, center of creativity and emotional response.

In the body of the Earth, Scorpio moves the deep underground waters. So to reach Scorpio's waters, we need to dig.

Penetration is the word that best describes the directed energy of Mars, Scorpio's ruling planet. Staying on the surface is not of much interest in the Scorpio constellation. However, reaching deep and beyond limits is something we can talk about.

Scorpio is invested in freeing desires. Lives intensely and enjoys pleasures. The people from this constellation tend to be quite poetic. Poetry lives in Scorpio. So does Magic. The actual Magic is carefully chosen words. That is why Scorpio harbors interest and talents towards writing and speaking, towards law as well. In politics, they consult presidents and usually become Secretaries of State or of Defense.

They are good at dealing with collective consciousness and other people's money. They lead monetary funds and revolutionize the economy. Mars helps them direct capital wisely.

We find Scorpios among surgeons, dentists, and psychotherapists. They know how to get inside our skin, bones, or mind. Remember the word penetration?

November 4th marks the New Moon in Scorpio, where the energy of this sign is the most powerful.

Contemplate on your desires, your most profound parts of self. Think of what you want the most. Then, try to direct the Mars' energy towards your desired objects. Write it all down. Let the carefully chosen words make Magic for you. Trust that transformation is coming.

Be careful where you direct your energy on November 10, when Mars, the ruler of the month, squares Saturn, the planet of time, boundaries, and reality. Don't let your own inventions turn against you. Be careful not to take more than you can chew. Mars can be exquisitely seductive, making you believe you can rule the world in the blink of an eye. Remember that transformation is a process. Nothing can change or grow overnight.

On November 19, we'll experience the lunar eclipse in Taurus, then, a month from today, a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. These events represent a power outage. The day after, we'll look at our own desires more clearly. I'll write in detail about the eclipses next week. There is still work we all need to do before we enter that tunnel.

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