Mars Square Saturn

Today, Mars in Scorpio makes a 90-degree angle with Saturn in Aquarius. In Astrology, we call this planetary conversation a square and often interpret it as a challenge. In the old days, astrologers would label these aspects ill-fated and predict a series of unfortunate events. The evolutionary approach to astrology sees squares as points of growth. In storytelling, these are the major plot points where a protagonist must make critical decisions.

The conversation between Mars and Saturn today is loud. The two planets are both experienced interlocutors and situated in constellations where they are at home. They are ready to stan up for what they believe in, for what they represent. Any arguments and competitions are doomed to failure. High level diplomacy is the only way to move us forward.

How do you feel today? What is the major theme in your life now? What conversation you have started this week? Do you feel as if you’re pulled toward the Scorpio energy or toward Aquarius?

Look at the two pictures I made for you: it is all a play of perspectives. The square (ore the challenging aspect the planets form) is made of two triangles (a triangle or 120 degrees angle between two planets represents support and blessing).

Tell me what you see?

An obstacle or a bridge-less river unfolding in front of you or two separate sources of support you can engage for your growth and happiness?

How will this conversation between Mars and Saturn play out for different signs?

Scorpio and Scorpio rising: The conversation takes place between you and your goals and wishes and the ever-present needs of your family members or your home. Where do you assert your energy this week? Would you dare to be selfish and mind your dreams or would you allow Saturn in Aquarius to teach you about selflessness. Could you pull the Full House and have it all?

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising: The conversation is about whether you will finally reveal the project you have been working on behind the scenes (something that needs yet to take shape or a voice) or wait for a while longer until you know you’ll have the Sun in your house and some support from your community. Your biggest concern is weather will the project you’ve been getting ready to share be accepted and at service to others or stir waves (not your first time to be seen as a rebel, right)?

Capricorn and Capricorn rising: You doubt whether the company or the clients/students/ community you have been loyal to will bring you enough financial support in the future. The Saturn in your second house of resources pleads for restructuring, and Mars is eager and potent to make necessary changes in your work and community environment. Employ them both to work for you. No planet knows better than Saturn to build a strong structure, and no planet knows better than Mars in Scorpio to cut through the matter.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising: You’ve been growing a lot since December 2020, and the entire year seemed like today, a push through the walls, a challenge. You seldom felt as if contained in a square. Mars is shining its light onto your public life and your career. Let everyone see how far you’ve come. No need for patience or safety any longer. It’s your time to take up space, Aquarius. Use the sharp edge of Mars to cut through decisions swiftly. Enjoy the power.

Pisces and Pisces rising: Mars is strong in your 9th house of foreign travel and higher education and urges you to explore new growth possibilities beyond what you’ve considered your borders. Saturn in the twelfth house proposes various limitations to the mind and would have been a problem for any other sign in Zodiac, but not for you, Pisces! Mind is your realm and has no limits in your constellation. Take a Yoga Nidra or a meditation class, and all will feel open and edgeless again.

Aries and Aries Rising: It is quite challenging to share a ruling planet, right, Aries? When Mars entrees Scorpio, you must learn to compromise in relationships. The power is not on your side this month. You feel as if you’re losing your grounds. The sex drive is high, but jealousy is killing you. You are discovering new fears in intimacy. Learn from these emotions. See how you can utilize the diplomatic power of Saturn in Aquarius to soften your temperament.

Taurus and Taurus rising: We are just nine days away from the first eclipse in your constellation, so this square makes for a trailer of the show to come. The eclipses (the darkening of light bodies – the sun and the moon) will be happening interchangeably in Taurus and Scorpio in the next two years. These events will help you give form to all you have been creating in the past. The Mars and Saturn square brings to your attention a needed restructuring in a business partnership, and/or a new relationship might be forming. Maybe you’ve met someone through work, and you need to make clear boundaries between work life and intimacy, or your relationship has been suffering the changes in your career and needs your immediate attention.

Gemini and Gemini Rising: Unless you have a strong Scorpio or Taurus placement in your birth chart, Gemini, you don’t like when Mars comes to Scorpio. This placement messes up your immune system and makes you over-stretch your body. To add more, you’ve been unable to say no to people and ended up going places and serving others. It would help if you had time for radical self-care. Maybe you need to travel across the borders of your country, or if not physically, perhaps you need to stretch your mind extensively and open up to a different perspective.

Cancer and Cancer Rising: The challenge that is coming up for you has to do with relationships and intimacy. If you are single, this is a perfect time to step out from your comfort zone and say yes to a date with someone you didn’t consider an option. If in a relationship, this is a time for role play and buying new sex toys, saying yes to ideas that made you uncomfortable before. Also, your partner might bring up a question about starting a family or having more children. If you have been avoiding this conversation, now it’s time to say what’s in your heart.

Mars in Scorpio in your fifth house can indicate fertility in your creative life, and Saturn in the eight can bring up the old fears around rejections. Remember that creativity is more potent than any fear and get down to work.

Leo and Leo Rising: Mars in Scorpio brings abundant energy into your home. Saturn in Aquarius has been challenging and restructuring your relationships since last December, and now it is time for you to make some critical decisions around your family dynamics. Is your family growing or shrinking? Proposals or break-ups? Moving in or moving out? Buying a new home or staying where you are? So many choices are unfolding in front of you. Some of you will be showing up in court for that final custody hearing. See how you can turn conflict into cooperation.

Virgo and Virgo Rising: It’s about your communication patterns and your words. Have you been writing lately? If so, it is time to seek a mentor or an editor. What you have been creating now needs loving care. I hear you’d love to call your project finished, right? Well, hang in there for a while longer. Your work will reach your audience soon, don’t refuse the friendly help.

Libra and Libra Rising: Mars is here to help you materialize your creative projects. It is an excellent time to leap into new investments. However, your partner doesn’t look at the money the same way as you do. So, avoid opening an argument you can’t win. Be patient. And be gentle. Mars will show you the way through.

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