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Today, the New Moon initiates the constellation of Libra, already charged with the energies of Mercury, that in its slow (retrograde) motion obsesses with reviews, and Mars, always appreciated guest in the house of Venus, now eager and ready to act toward the collective goals. To better understand this moment, we need to unpack the story of our hostess, Venus.

In mythology, astrology, and the arts, Venus represents the active manifestation of the feminine principle. If we understand the word feminine as a variant of female, we now must pause and unlearn. Feminine or yin principle, governed by the Moon, exist in both men and women and represents the side of us that is receptive (but not non-giving), quiet (but not silenced), and perceptive. Creativity is the impulse born in the feminine and innate to all humans.

The archetypal feminine representation, also known as Venus Aphrodite, expresses the qualities of the yin through the irresistible and life-giving force of unconditional love. Stories we wish to tell, conversations we want to begin, the art we are trying to create, injustices we need to heal must come from the place of love. This Venusian New Moon will awaken the dormant yin qualities in us all, urging us to explore which part of our life needs a love infusion.

Speaking about love, I primarily think of compassion and love towards all things alive, towards our wounded planet, and the troubled society in which we live. However, I think of self-love, too, because how one treats oneself mirrors how one treats others. Healthy romantic love is experienced only when we learn how to love and receive love.

The joining of Mars, the planet of action, with the New Moon brings forward the impulse to heal and nurture the silent or silenced feminine principle, heal and nurture the relationships we have and expand our hearts in a direction to better understand and accept others.

Every Libra strives for equality and a just division of power. Still, often they don't feel comfortable in confrontations and disputes, the trait of which keeps their voice unheard, and their intentions hidden. The unease over conflict comes from the scared heart of Venus in which we find:

  • the historical repression of the feminine principle,

  • the objectifying of the female,

  • the streamlining the creative feminine power to reproduction or, to be more precise, the production of men,

  • and trivializing the feminine persona to four roles: the daughter, the sister, the wife, and the mother.

Let's take a deep breath here, through the nose, and close the eyes for a moment.

After the long exhale, let's take another look at the word feminine.

Feminine is not a woman's quality but of all living things. Feminine is the creative power innate to all humans. We feel it and are aware of it from the moment we are born, yet society has made us believe in different stories. Patriarchy has not only suppressed the voice and creativity in women but in men, too. In over two thousand years men have been taught to disregard half of their being. Feminine and masculine, yin and yang, red essence and white essence, are not opposites! They exist only within one another and only joined make us whole.

In our birth charts, we can describe our yin qualities by looking at the journeys of Venus and the four asteroids: Pallas Athene, Vesta, Ceres, and Juno, which explain the feminine powers in more detail. Not accidentally, these asteroids stand in a beautiful alignment with the New Moon, amplifying the importance of discovering, uncovering, and embracing the yin side of our souls.

If this all seems too much to take in a day, fear not. The new understanding of the word feminine is a great place to start the journey. This pivotal moment is meant to mark a beginning, an initiation.

If you'd like to explore the journeys of Venus and the asteroids in your chart and connect to your feminine, creative powers, schedule a consultation with me. In October, all profits from my readings will be donated to my place of love and wholeness – Sangha Yoga Studio in Seattle.

Yin Yoga shape to initiate the freeing of the feminine.

Instructions for the reclined butterfly pose:

· Find a long, rectangular pillow, or take any blanket from your home and fold it into a burrito roll.

· Place the pillow/blanket on the floor and lie over it so that the end of the prop touches the small of your back and the top of the prop holds your head. Your entire back and head should be supported.

· Put the soles of your feet on the floor close to your pelvis and point the knees up toward the ceiling. You can let your knees touch and simply stay there or let your soles touch one another in front of you and open the knees to the sides. The soles of your feet can come close to your groin if your hips allow for the deep opening, or you can push your soles away from you, letting your legs form a shape of a diamond.

· Once you find shape your body loves, place one hand on your belly and the other close to the heart and stay here, breathing peacefully, for at least four minutes.

· Visualize the freeing of the feminine through your heart and hips.

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