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Supporting women through writing, yoga, and astrology.

Flower Moon Practice is an awakening, an impulse.

You are the flower ready to blossom. 

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What is Flower Moon Practice?

Named after May's full moon under which Nature is in full bloom,

Flower Moon Practice combines the philosophy and practice of yoga and the evolutionary approach to western Astrology to help you align your body with celestial bodies, understand your soul's purpose, and write or re-write your life's story.

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Why do we turn to the Moon?

We often think about the Moon as a symbol of the feminine, and we associate the Moon with the emotional body, fertility, and feelings. However, this is just a part of the story.

The Moon is a symbol of the mind. She travels the changing sky and is constantly changing. Similarly, the mind is always on a journey and is never the same. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The mind is the reflection of the soul. So, when we connect to the Moon, we also connect to our souls and purpose.

The Moon moves the Earth's waters and all the liquids inside our bodies. When we harmonize with the Moon, the water inside our bodies flows effortlessly, as does our creative energy.

When we know our purpose and allow energy to flow through the body, we can do anything our minds set on. 



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"I cannot express enough how insightful the consultation was for me. This experience was about going back to the origins of who I am and what are the transformations I have to go through to become my best self."
- Ira Hnasevytch 
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Welcome to Flower Moon!

Hi, I am Alexandra Panic, writer, teacher, star witch.


Born in the constellation of Sagittarius with Aquarian Moon and Rising, I am tirelessly searching for new ways of expression. I've found myself living in-between continents, in-between languages, in-between academia, and arts. I define myself as an interdisciplinary storyteller. 

I work with women in all phases of their lives. But I also work with anyone ready to awaken their yin side - the vulnerable, creative self.


I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and a BA in Italian language and literature from Belgrade University, Serbia, and I am 500 hours registered yoga teacher

I am a Ph.D. student in Transdisciplinary Studies in Contemporary Art and Media at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, Serbia. 

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