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Full Moon

We are going to the moon that is not very far. We have so much farther to go within ourselves.

​                                                   — Anaïs Nin 


What is Flower Moon Yin Practice?

The very special practice of Astrology inspired Yin Yoga I offer once a month when the Moon is rounding above us and when the energetic pull of the Moon is the strongest. 


This startling journey to ourselves re-establishes our primordial wholeness in which Yin or the lunar part (encompassing our emotional and psychic world) is inseparable from Yang or the solar counterpart (manifesting through our vitality and personality). 

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What to expect in Full Moon Yin Class

The physical practice of Yin Yoga includes seated postures held for a minimum of 3 minutes and breathwork. The way asana is employed in each class helps strengthen the plastic tissues of the body: ligaments, joints, and deep fascial network. Yin Yoga practice also stimulates the main meridian channels through which flows Chi or Prana - our life force. 

Easing into the well-rounded practice of Yin Yoga, we travel through the layers of the energetic body to build relationships with celestial bodies and feel and understand cosmic vibrations. 

What to expect in Full Moon Yin Class


As the Moon darkens in the Scorpio constellation, we'll tackle the themes of transformation, Eros & Tanatos, endings, and beginnings.


In the energetic body, we'll focus on Swadistana, the sacral chakra, and discuss different manifestations of Shakti, the primordial principle of creation.


The workshop is for everybody.

No previous experience is needed.


Tuition: 2000 RSD or $20

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