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Meditation by the Beach

Flower Moon Astrology

Flower Moon Astrology combines Tantric and Taoist teachings of non-dualism with western evolutionary astrology. As a result, I interpret signs, planets, and elements differently than you might have learned. And I use astrology knowledge and mindfulness coaching techniques to help you create a detailed map of your blossoming. Like my entire practice, these consultations awaken and nourish your lunar side and your innate creative potential. 

Moon Gazing

My Cosmic Journey

Astrology is a language I have been learning since childhood. My father - the meteorologist, taught me about the cosmos, and my grandfather, the climatologist, thought me about the weather and change.

I constantly looked at the changing sky, searching for answers. My lifelong studying of astrology brought me closer and closer to understanding human nature and the synchronicities of the Universe. 

Studying with Rebecca Gordon, I have integrated all my accumulated knowledge and developed my unique interpretation style. Although I have always been praised for being accurate in predictive astrology, I believe our birth chart is not a map of our future but a way back to ourselves.