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Flower Moon Astrology

Flower Moon Astrology looks at the western evolutionary astrology through the Ayurvedic system of 5 (instead of 4) elements, and the Tantric and Taoist teachings of non-dualism.

This means that I am going to interpret signs, planets, and their elements a bit differently than you might have heard before. I use astrology to help you create a detailed map of your blossoming. Like my entire practice, these consultations awaken and nourish your feminine side and your innate creative potential. 

Moon Gazing

My Cosmic Journey

Astrology is a language I have been learning since childhood.  My father - the meteorologist, taught me about the cosmos, my grandfather, the climatologist, thought to me about the weather and change.

I constantly looked at the changing sky, searching for answers. The life-long studying of astrology brought me closer and closer to understanding human nature and the synchronicities of the Universe. 

Studying with Rebecca Gordon, I have integrated all my accumulated knowledge and developed my unique interpretation style. Although I have been always praised for being accurate in predictive astrology, I believe our birth chart is not a map to our future but a way back to ourselves. 

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"I cannot express enough how insightful the consultation was for me. This experience was about going back to the origins of who I am and what are the transformations I have to go through to become my best self. Alexandra guided me through my natal chart concentrating on the most pressing questions and doubts I had at the moment. This let me understand the processes I’ve been going through and the lessons I have to learn. I was very comfortable asking questions and sharing my experiences as the consultation was conducted in a very friendly and caring atmosphere."

Ira Hnasevytch

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"Alexandra is brilliantly insightful. She understands everything she sees in your chart, yet she doesn't nighter pray nor frighten you, but tries to offer a humble guidance towards accepting the path best suited for you."

Sasha Đorđević

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"Through working 1 on 1 with Alex, I've come to a deeper understanding of myself and gained more confidence in my abilities as a teacher and a creator. The readings and guidance I've gotten from Alex have also helped me on my personal journey with anxiety and depression and healing trauma. Alex sees things that most people don't see, and has a way of telling you what you need to hear in a way that is a matter of fact and at the same time motivational."

Sarah Hyde

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